Sober Non-Alcoholic Gin: Pink Edition

Sober Non-Alcoholic Gin: Pink Edition
Sober Non-Alcoholic Gin: Pink Edition
Sober Non-Alcoholic Gin: Pink Edition
Sober Non-Alcoholic Gin: Pink Edition
Sober Non-Alcoholic Gin: Pink Edition
Sober Non-Alcoholic Gin: Pink Edition
Sober Non-Alcoholic Gin: Pink Edition

Sober Non-Alcoholic Gin: Pink Edition

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  • Zero Sugar
  • Only 5 Calories
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The Sober Gin: Pink Edition is a distilled non-alcoholic beverage for adults. It contains no sugar and only 5 calories and is free from gluten with zero carbs. It tastes and smells and burns like a traditional gin but the source of those effects is all-natural and organic.
By incorporating Indian botanicals such as Himalayan Juniper, Ashwagandha, Tulsi, and other therapeutic herbs and blends in our recipes, we aim to provide the ultimate alternative in adult beverages while paying particular attention to your health and wellbeing.

Sober Gin substitutes 1:1 in place of your favorite Gin, capturing the taste, aroma, and sensation of a traditional gin – without the alcohol or calories.

Pour it like your traditional gin in your favorite recipes, or mix it with tonic water, soda, or juice. You can even have it straight on the rocks, we’re not judging.

Uplifts mood, boosts immunity and relieves stress and anxiety.


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Sober Gin: Pink Edition

Sober Gin's Pink Edition is a small-batch limited release. Along with our signature botanicals, Pink Edition bottles floral and fruity notes of Strawberry, Raspberry and Rose.

Fruity, light and guilt-free, Pink Edition is the perfect addition to your bar!

Pink Edition is our tribute to all the fighters and survivors of Breast Cancer. A portion of proceeds from each bottle will be contributed to raise Breast Cancer Awareness.

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From our customers


"I decided to go alcohol free for health reasons but miss my drink. I had a hard time finding AF drink that wasn’t disgusting! When I found Sober, I was happy to have found something that I enjoy..."

Shivika Goel
New Delhi

"Wow! Good to the very last drop! I love Sober Gin and thought I’d had the last of it when I decided to leave alcohol behind. This is simply delicious and tastes exactly like gin."

Vishal Singh

"Really enjoyed surely Sober Gin! It actually does taste like the real thing and is a great option when you don’t want or need alcohol. I hope this process is possible for a all options in the future!"

Gunjan Kureel

Non-alcoholic gin

for the Sober times ahead.

Common Questions


Because experiments are fun, especially when you’re making a Gin alternative for people who can’t consume alcohol on some days or ever for varied reasons.They could be grave health reasons or personal resolutions to shed some calories. We also believe celebrations ought to be inclusive of the calm and collected. Now everyone has a choice!

Our herbaceous Gin Alternative has an earthy taste profile thanks to all the goodness of herbs with predominant Juniper notes wonderfully adding an authentic flavour to the mix.

No two Gins have the same flavor profile. However, we’ve sourced the best natural botanicals and ingredients that gives Sober Gin a spot-on flavor profile just like your favorite gin that’s complex, aromatic, and even finishes with the familiar kick of a fine adult beverage.

Yes indeed, our liquid is cloudy! This is due to our unique process that expels the natural oils from the natural juniper berries and other botanicals to give us the bold flavor profile we want minus the alcohol we don't =)

Pour it just like your traditional gin in your favorite recipes, or mix with tonic water or soda or juice. You can even have it straight on the rocks, we’re not judging. 

You could be enjoying your favorite gin at a night out but you have an early morning the next day, what do you do? Sober to the rescue! After your first couple of rounds of the traditional gin, try switching to the Sober Gin to enjoy the same taste & experience minus the alcohol and the hangovers.

We extract sophisticated flavors from all-natural sources at our workshop in South Goa. Some herbs and botanicals we use are associated with therapeutic properties. We distill that historical knowledge into bottles of happiness to lock it in, that’s where the flavour profile and health benefits come from. Juniper berries, Tulsi and Ashwagandha are the three key ingredients we use to make Sober spirits for better days. 

Some domestic and international brands sell non-alcoholic products that actually contain alcohol -- around 0.5%. Is your product truly alcohol-free, as in 0%? 

We are not an "alcohol removed" spirit. Sober is crafted with the finest botanicals and herbs from the very beginning.

Hence, Sober is truly an alcohol-free product 🙂

Our gin alternative has only 5 calories, zero alcohol and zero carbs. Also, there’s no gluten or allergens that could cause health problems. In fact, it’s supposed to keep you in good shape and boost immunity. It's non-alcoholic, remember?

We recreated the burn through a very concise mix of herbs after trying various recipes. The result was a complex plant-based blend that did the trick for us. Some botanicals bring in the sensation of heat while others help it surface, leaving you satisfied and well in the end. 

You can! Or we’re happy to sit at the bar or in your liquor cabinet keeping your other spirits company. For the best flavor profile, we recommend finishing it within 6 months after opening. Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Our formula is constantly evolving to include advancements in our research and customer
feedback. We're going to keep evolving with you to find perfect balance.