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Sober Whiskey

0% Alcohol | 100% Whiskey
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Sober RUM

0% Alcohol | 100% RUM

Introducing India's first NON-Alcoholic Distilled Spirit

Sober Non-Alcoholic Rum

Sober Non-Alcoholic Rum
Sober Non-Alcoholic Rum
Sober Non-Alcoholic Rum
Sober Non-Alcoholic Rum
Sober Non-Alcoholic Rum
Sober Non-Alcoholic Rum

Sober Non-Alcoholic Rum

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SOBER's Spiced Rum is a small-batch limited release. Along with our signature botanicals, SOBER Rum bottles the spicy and tropical notes of Vanilla, Pineapple, Cocoa Beans and Clove. Spicy, smooth and guilt-free, SOBER Rum is the perfect addition to your bar! SOBER Rum is our tribute to all the Sugarcane Farmers. A portion of proceeds from each bottle will be contributed towards sustainable farming practices.

Sober Rum substitutes 1:1 in place of your favorite Rum, capturing the taste, aroma, and sensation of a traditional Rum – without the alcohol or calories.

Pour it like your traditional rum in your favorite recipes, or mix it with tonic water, soda, or juice. You can even have it straight on the rocks, we’re not judging.

Uplifts mood, boosts immunity, relieves stress and anxiety
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Sober Combo
The ultimate combo. Enjoy the India's first distilled non-alcoholic Rum, Gin and Pink Gin
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Sober Rum
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Sober Gin
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Sober GIn

Sober Gin substitutes 1:1 in place of your favorite Gin, capturing the taste, aroma and sensation of a traditional gin - without the alcohol or calories.

Magical Effects

Uplifts Mood | Boosts Immunity | Relieves Stress & anxiety | 100% Gin | 0% Alcohol | 0% Sugar | Only 5 Calories

About Us

Sober may have been born from a feeling of being left out in the absence of enough non-alcoholic beverages for people who didn’t drink, except for a soda or a mocktail of course. But for us, it was also a rare opportunity to experiment, explore and navigate through the alternative beverage space. 

To bring the first distilled non-alcoholic drink to India while incorporating teachings from our own ancient knowledge systems, distilling organically-grown herbs for their mood-enhancing effects and witnessing the process from start to finish was stupefying. The idea slowly took root and transcended into the deeper spiritual realm of finding inner peace, much like a meditating sea on a quiet day.

So we wondered, what makes up an alternative drink that’s good to unwind? How could we make it accessible to all adults facing similar dilemmas. And how could we do all that while staying inside the circle of health and wellness? 

To sip on something fresh and herbal and feel the gush of a cool breeze flowing without ever having to experience any of the ill-effects of alcohol. We knew what we were looking for. But did we find it? Well let’s just say our little trip to the enchanted forest prompted us to collect the calmer moments of Sobriety in a bottle that says it all. 

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